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New To Us?



Our Congregation prides itself on being friendly and welcoming to all.

We hope these Frequently Asked Questions can help you to get to know us a little better and what you might expect on your first visit.


Q: Can I contact someone, before my first visit?

A: Certainly, our contact info is available here.. Contact 


Where do I park?

A: Parking is available at the front and rear with Handicap spaces clearly marked.



Q: How do you accommodate the Handicapped?

A: In addition to designated parking, our rear entrance is ground level allowing access by wheelchair & walker.

A: Handicap Restroom Facilities are available in our Educational Building.

A: We do not currently have hearing assist devices for those with hearing difficulties.


Q: Can you describe Sunday School opportunities?

A: Sunday School schedule is 9:30 AM to 10:15 AM. Come a little early for informal fellowship.

A: Our Adult, Youth and Children classes are described here… GET INVOLVED


Q: What should I wear for Worship?

A: Please be comfortable. We are mostly casual.



Q: Where can I sit?

A: Please make yourself at home. Our Greeters will be glad to seat you if you wish.


Q: Should I expect Greeters?

A: Greeters for Worship will be present at our Main entrance.

A: From our Rear entrance you will follow your fellow attendees to a Sunday School Class or Sanctuary for Worship.

A: Our CAMPUS MAP (LINK?) lets you become familiar with our facilities before you arrive.

A: Please ask any of our congregation for assistance in reaching Sunday School, Nursery, Worship and Rest Room Facilities.


Q: What about Children?

A: Sunday School is available for Children from Kindergarten through High School. Our Web Site GET INVOLVED (LINK?) can familiarize you with our offerings.

A: Children are most welcome in our Worship Service.

A: Activity Bags are available to keep the younger ones occupied. Ask our Greeters for assistance.

A: During Worship, we have a staffed Nursery for Infants through 2 years old for parents who prefer that for their younger ones.

A: We practice the “Safe Sanctuary” policies of the Methodist Church to protect children.

A: A short Children’s Sermon is always a part of our Worship Service.


Q: Can you describe Mountain View’s Worship Service?
A: Expect a warm welcome by those you meet.  Worship Service begins at 10:30 AM and though we are Traditional you will find us relaxed and informal.

A: Our Sermons are Scripture based with practical lessons to help us Grow In Christ. Check here for a recent SERMON

A: Our Music is led by an excited Choir and Musicians leading us in a mix of traditional and contemporary music

, so you will find lots of opportunity to praise with singing.

A: You can expect a congregation of 70-100 in a typical Worship Service.

A: The Fifth Sundays are typically organized with additional music opportunities.


Q: How long is the Worship service?
A: Services to begin at 10:30 AM and last about an hour. You will notice informal fellowship for a few minutes before services begin.


Q: Can I take Communion?

A: Of course. All are invited to Communion which is served the 1st Sunday of each month.

A: Children are also invited to Communion.


Q: Do you have a Fellowship Time before Sunday School or Worship.
A: Not currently. But do come early and meet some of our Congregation. .


Q: Are Visitors identified during services?

A: We always welcome any visitors present and ask them to complete a Visitor Card contained in the Pew pocket so that we will have a record of their visit.


Q: What else do I need to know?

A: Our Web Page contains links to our Sermons, Bulletins (LINK?), Calendar (LINK?) and Ministries & Missions (LINK?) so you can familiarize yourself with what Mountain View can offer in your Walk with Christ.