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God Sightings


Last Saturday we attended a street festival in China Grove, NC. While there were many vendors and crafts people with memorable displays, what I remember most about that morning is seeing a group of men with bowed heads gathered around a woman in a wheel chair and a few minutes later, that same group, around a man with his head bowed. I knew instantly. Here was a group of men wandering through the crowd, bringing prayer and healing hands to people who accepted that generous act. And I thought there is God reaching out though these men in a public way to show public prayer is not embarrassing. It was comforting to watch those two events unfold where all could see.



Yesterday I got to my 9:00 am appointment at 8:00 am – unusual for me.  I decided to find a place for breakfast.  After I was seated and served, a very young couple came in and sat at the next booth.  I didn’t try to eavesdrop but when you are alone, it’s hard not to hear people in the very next booth.  It soon became apparent that rather than a couple, they were colleagues and friends.  It was also apparent that they were Christians.  They discussed worship services that the young man planned, his worship team, her guidance from the Lord and the discernment she sought. I realized that recently I had been in several conversations where people of their age group had been deemed to be uninterested in church, worship and the guidance from the Lord.  God’s message through this couple was very clear – don’t over-generalize any group, don’t judge individuals or categories.    As I left the restaurant, I stopped at their table and apologized for overhearing their conversation but thanking them for having it.  God made my day through this lesson.