Feb 12

Operation Dry Baby Bottoms

Please support OPERATION DRY BABY BOTTOMS!! A box is in the Fellowship Building for your diaper donations to support the Greenville District UMW mission project to help babies born into poverty.

Did you know….
*One out of every three mothers experience diaper need with children under three years of age. This means they have an inadequate supply of diapers to keep their baby clean, dry, and healthy.
*No federal or state aid is available for the purchase of diapers. They cannot be purchased with Food Stamps or WIC vouchers.
*Proper changing requires 8-10 diapers per day but babies in need may only get changed 3-4 times per day.
*Babies and toddlers who spend extended periods of time in wet or soiled diapers are susceptible to severe diaper rash, urinary tract infections, and often exhibit behavioral issues.
*It is against the law to wash diapers at a laundry mat, and many low income families use laundry mats.